November 17

Pick's Bowling Center

Bigfork, MT

It's time to grow out your mullets, grab your favorite pair of parachute pants, put on those neon leg warmers, embrace your inner glam, and oh yea, dust off your DeLorean because we're going back to the '80s for this year's tubular Bowl for Kids' Sake! Totally rad, right?



It's our radical annual fundraiser that brings together hundreds of people in the community to support our one-to-one youth mentoring programs. The goal is to raise $50,000 this year! Donations made to Bowl for Kids' Sake defend the potential of youth in Flathead County and Missoula.​

Teams are made up of one captain and 3-5 additional players. Each team bowls for one hour and all bowlers are entered into costume and fundraising contests. Adult bowlers are asked to raise at least $100 prior to bowling and $50 is asked of bowlers under 18. Teams often set a fundraising goal and work together to see the totals rise. Don't stop believin' you can reach your goal!

This year we've amped up the fun for the most ace Bowl for Kids' Sake yet! So get ready to kick off your Sunday shoes and cut loose as you have the time of your life fundraising to help kids in your community realize their potential and believe in themselves.




Bowl for Kids' Sake is on Sunday, November 17 at Pick's Bowling Center in Bigfork, MT. The event lasts from 11:00 to 3:45 p.m. Each team bowls for one hour. Slots fill up quickly, so captains, register your team early to help secure your preferred slot.


Please arrive 30-minutes prior to your scheduled bowling time and go directly to the check-in table before picking up your shoes. Bring any cash or check donations along with a completed pledge sheet (if you have not submitted your donations online). Knowing your team name ahead of time will expedite the process.

Time Slots and '80s Themes

11:00 a.m.

12:15 p.m.

2:45 p.m.

|  Jazzercise

|  Glam Rock & Movies

|  Punk Rock & TV Shows

Costume Contests

We will have "Best Costume" and "Best Theme Costume" contests for each time slot. All winners will receive a prize!

Top Fundraisers

The "Top Fundraiser" for each time slot will be awarded a prize. Calculations will be made based on your total at the time of check-in. 


The "Top Fundraising Team" in each time slot will receive commemorative recognition after the event.


Split-the-pot will be played during each bowling slot.

Pizza! Pizza! Pizza!

Cowabunga! Pizza, cookies, soda, and water will be provided to bowlers (additional food and drinks are available for purchase). Pretty gnarly, right?



Captains are the stealth team leaders taking on the most responsibilities and keep their team motivated to fundraise and reach goals. Captains are like the blue-masked teenage hero in a half-shell or like the loyal leader of the Autobots. 


Please read carefully what is expected by each captain to help make this a successful event.

Team Registration Process

Step 1 — Assemble your team of 4-6 (this count includes you)

Step 2 — Select like a team name

Step 3 — Register your team by filling out this Google form

Note: This form is intended to be completed once you have the minimum of four bowlers

Fundraising Page Instructions

Step 1 — Go to our BFKS Fundraising Page and add your team to the event

Step 2 — Share the team page you created with your teammates

Step 3 — Direct your team members to "join" the team page so they may set up their individual fundraising pages

Step 4 — Share your fundraising page with family, friends, and colleagues and help motivate your teammates to do the same

"You've got the touch, you've got the power. yeah."


Arrive 30-minutes before your bowling time to complete the check-in process.

Okay captains, roll-out.



Are you new to Bowl for Kids' Sake? No problem! So it's pretty straight forward. A team is made up of 4-6 players. Each adult bowler is expected to fundraise at least $100 for themselves. Some teams prefer to fundraise together and that's rad too! If that's the case, a team of say, five adults, is asked to raise at least $500 before bowling on November 17. You can still fundraise throughout the event but we ask that your initial minimum be met at your time of check-in.

Can kids join a team? Totally! Kids are asked to fundraise at least $50 each.

What is the captain's responsibility? Please review this section above for details.

Can I fundraise and not bowl? Yes! You can set up a fundraising page here.

Can I bowl and not fundraise? All bowlers are expected to raise at least $100 or $50 for those under 18 prior to the event. Even though Bowl for Kids' Sake is super exciting for all involved, one-to-one youth mentoring programs are the heart of it all. This year we have a fundraising goal of $50,000. Donations contribute to the health and wellness of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Flathead County and ensure we are able to continue serving the community. Your help is needed!

Can I fundraise and bowl without forming a team? For sure! Please contact Erika and she will help you find a lane.

Do I have to be good at bowling? Like no way! This event is all about the kids and coming together as a community. You don't need to be good at bowling or even know how to bowl to be totally qualified to join a team. 

Can I just write a check or donate to my First Giving page instead of fundraising? Absolutely! You may  "donate" your minimum and do the same for your kids if that makes it easier.

How do I fundraise? Bodacious question! Captains, we highly suggest you add your team to the BFKS Fundraising Page. Team members are then encouraged to "join" their team's page and set up an individual fundraising page. 


The fastest and easiest way to share your fundraising page is via email, texts, and social media posts. 

Fundraisers are equally encouraged to ask people face-to-face. Share why you support BBBSFC and ask family, friends, and colleagues to join you in defending the potential of kids facing adversity in Flathead County and Missoula.

I don't like all this digital stuff, can I just fill out a team registration form and mail it to you and print some pledge sheets? You got it, dude! Go to Registration and Forms to download and print everything you need to help make your fundraising a success!

Who am I gonna call when I have additional questions? Email Erika or give her a call at 752-0092. She'll be stoked to help you out!


Now if there's something strange, in the neighborhood...we recommend you give another team a call.

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