After nearly 50 years of service, BBBS of Missoula closed its doors on May 31, 2019. As a result, 104 viable Big & Little mentoring matches were dissolved. BBBS of Flathead County worked quickly to extend its services and re-open these vital matches.

Success! We now have a full-time Missoula employee working to enroll closed matches, welcome new Bigs and Littles, and to build a robust program in the community. We are elated to have former Bigs and Littles have reconnected and new matches have enrolled in our program.

We changed our name to Big Brothers Big Sisters NW Montana to reflect the areas we now service. Our area also includes surrounding counties, but for now, we are focused on growing healthy and vital mentoring relationships in Missoula and Flathead County.

This past fall we actively began to connect with individuals, businesses, and foundations that have long supported the BBBS mission in Missoula. Our team is encouraged by the positive response we’ve received from the Missoula community. 

Thank you for welcoming us and confirming that our mentoring program is indeed needed.

We are excited to begin collaboration and community partnerships and to continue empowering youth in Missoula to help them realize their full potential. 

BBBS NW Montana - Missoula Big & Little Match

We know it truly "takes a village" to raise children and to ensure they have the opportunities and support needed to become independent and self-confident individuals. We believe that helping the youth in our community who need it the most is both the right thing to do and an investment in our community's future. Thank you for joining in our efforts to help kids realize their potential.

Evidence supports that 2-3 hours of weekly mentorship has a significant impact on a child's self-confidence, self-image, capacity for resolving conflict, school attendance, and increases their trust in adults and community connection.

I once heard the mentorship that Big Brothers Big Sisters provides is the defender of potential.


We are excited to give to that potential and have the expanded organization newly renamed Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwest Montana revive important services in our community.


The consolidation of administrative services makes sense, our hope is that they can return to their previous numbers in Missoula and even grow the program.

Marcy Allen, Executive Director


Kevin and Zander were matched 4 1/2 years when BBBS of Missoula closed and were enthusiastic to hear they could continue their match by enrolling in our program. These two prioritize their friendship despite having busy and sometimes changing schedules. Both enjoy meeting for coffee, going out for dinner, and like to go bowling.


Mackenzie and Cameron were matched 1 1/2 years when BBBS of Missoula closed and were eager to enroll in our program when they received the call from Maria. These two love to burn off energy together! Cameron says his favorite day is Tuesday because that's when Mackenzie comes to pick him up. They like to race go-karts, play at the indoor soccer arena, and be goof-balls together.

What I like about Big Brothers Big Sisters is that I get to interact and mentor someone who is so incredibly special.


If you are thinking about joining Big Brothers Big Sisters or donating, from the bottom of my heart, do it! You won’t regret it.

Big Sister, Mackenzie Ottman


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