BBBS NW Montana primarily serves kids and families in Flathead and Missoula Counties. As a staff we have three employees in Flathead County and two in Missoula County. As an organization the nine counties that are the most northwest in our state are ours to serve. We are not quite there yet, but we are stretching and now have a few Bigs and/or Littles outside of our two primary areas. Stay tuned for more growth! 

BBBS NW Montana - Missoula Big & Little Match
BBBS NW Montana - Missoula Big & Little Match

Community Based Program

This is the "traditional" BBBS model in which a mentor (Big) and a mentee (Little) meet 2-3 hours each week outside of the home and school setting. Our Bigs make arrangements with the parent(s)/guardian(s) and create an experience each week for the Little. These outings can be as simple as a walk to the park to throw a frisbee, a trip to the local art studio to paint together, or during the pandemic using Facetime to do some crafts together.


We know that the specific activity is not important, what is important is consistency, kindness, listening, and a desire to grow together.

School - Based Program

Site-Based ProgramsOur Lunch Pail Pals program is designed to allow mentors to meet the youth at their schools during school hours. Bigs meet their Littles for one hour, often during lunch and/or recess. High School students are eligible to serve as mentors in this program.


Our Site-Based Plus: is the same program as our Lunch Pail Pals with the addition of an opportunity to meet one time each month off campus for a longer period of time. We see this is our best of both worlds  program.